LuciTV Roundtable Vianden 21-22.08.2022
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LuciTV Vianden Annick Goerens - Boris Fuge - Luc Reis - Isabelle Hermes 21-22.08.2022
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LuciTV Shooting Vianden 21-22.08.2022
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Luci TV 2022 — An innovative and immersive edition

The programmes broadcast live on 21 and 22 June on LFT's digital B2B platform garnered impressive viewership numbers as well as enthusiastic reactions from international tourism professionals. The programmes also reached a milestone by immersing viewers in augmented reality travel experiences never before seen in the Grand Duchy.

On 21 and 22 June, Luxembourg for Tourism broadcast a new live trilingual edition of Luci TV, its digital B2B format. Hosted by journalist Annick Goerens, the three programmes, presented in French, English, and German, showcased unique travel experiences in the Grand Duchy.

Professionals from 15 countries

The tourism professionals came mainly from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, but some from Spain, Portugal, and the United States also participated.

Among other exciting touristic offers, they learned about new hiking trails, the restored Pétrusse Casemates attraction which underwent eight years of renovations, accommodation in the country’s castles, and fam trips in Luxembourg.

The 52-minute programme also included a report about a recent Luxembourg study trip taken by German tourism professionals. It also included discussions with industry players regarding new tourism services and activities.

These participants included Isabelle Hermes (Visit Guttland), Luc Reis (, Boris Fuge (Lëtzebuerg City Museum), and Josy Bassing (Les Amis du Château de Vianden).

Luci TV 2022 behind-the-scenes

An interactive, informative and inspiring format

Forty-seven percent of the professionals were from individual tourism agencies, 23 percent from tour operators, and 12 percent came from media outlets.

The 2022 edition was positively received, and responses were both numerous and enthusiastic. Some internet users had the opportunity to discover the Grand Duchy live and in real-life: “Dear Luci TV team, it was great to experience Luxembourg in such a lively way!” exclaimed one.

Many viewers, especially Swiss and Austrian, expressed appreciation for the stories, reports, and round-table discussions, with some even describing the concept as “super exciting” and the format as “really cool!”

Others were also inspired by Luci TV. “Thank you so much for this hour-long, informative event. It gave me new information as an organiser!” insisted one German tour operator.

"We have the chance to sell your destination in one of our Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg group coach tours," commented a travel agent from Tours, France. "Your fam trips sound really interesting for discovering spots other than the capital, which I was already able to visit in one day thanks to the train from Paris.”

Some also praised “the excellent mix of entertaining films and expert discussions!” as well as “the authenticity of the people featured” and “the drive to involve the public with polls and evaluations conducted in real time during the programmes.”

Several other professionals have already expressed a desire to take part in the next fam trips organised on 16-18 September, 21-22 October, and 11-13 November 2022.

Live broadcasting is not without its challenges

Producing such a live broadcast involved all the LFT teams for several months. "Although nearly 95 percent of viewers followed the programme to the end, it was not without some technical challenges relating to broadcasting, moderation, content, or even commercial opportunities," says Valerio D'Alimonte, Head of Content & Communication at LFT.

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