Luci TV 2023 Remerschen Biodiversum

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Travel experiences in Luxembourg

Luci TV is a travel show that invites you on a journey through Luxembourg through travel reports, onsite interviews with partners and live interactions with viewers, all in a compact and entertaining way broadcast live from the Biodiversum Haff Réimech on 19 & 20 June 2023.

This year we talked about natural treasures, Europe in miniature and Luxembourg as a foodie destination, giving travel professionals an idea of what destination Luxembourg has to offer. Moderator Annick Goerens and invited guests Nathalie Neiers (Visit Moselle), Martine Kneip (Centre Européen Schengen), Bibi Wintersdorf (Luxe Taste & Style - Kachen), and Claire Sertznig (Institut Viti-Vinicole IVV) talked about tourism in harmony with nature, about travel, living and working in the border regions as well as gastronomy and viticulture in Luxembourg. The live discussions were completed with short reports and interviews with Steve Jungen (Biodiversum, Administration de la nature et des forêts), Luc Roeder (garde forestier de Manternach et Mertert) architect François Valentiny, Michel Lanners (École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg) and Caroline Esch (Pavillon Eden Rose).

Luci TV is created by Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) in production with Free Lens Television, CMR cross media redaktion and Shine a Light, with music by Pascal Schumacher and sound design by Ansgar Uffink.

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Luci TV brings awareness to Luxembourg as a tourist destination to tourism professionals all around the world.