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Public parks Park life

Open to all around the city
Destination(s): Luxembourg City

The Kinnekswiss park is an oasis in the heart of the city centre. Its many trees offer welcome shade in the summer, and it boasts a children’s playground with a giant pirate ship where little sailors can embark on an imaginary journey sailing
the seas and oceans of the world.


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Located in the heart of the business district and surrounded by modern buildings, Kirchberg’s public park is surprisingly large. Its greenery invites you to relax during a stroll, play a game of pétanque or enjoy a picnic al fresco. Curious visitors will find information panels about its varied flora.


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Dräi Eechelen park

The Dräi Eechelen park is a delight for history lovers. Located in the museum grounds, it is within the restored and partially reconstructed Fort Thüngen. Visitors can learn about Luxembourg’s past as a fortified city and enjoy breathtaking views of the capital.


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Tony Neuman Park is located in Limpertsberg. With its giant redwoods, beautiful flowers and plant tunnel, it is like a secret garden. Art lovers will appreciate the many sculptures by Luxembourg artists which are installed in the four corners of the park.

Located a few steps from the city centre, Merl Park is without a doubt the preferred place to relax for families with children. Its large playground, many swings, climbing tower and multifunctional pool will entertain the little ones, while adults can draw energy from gazing at the peaceful pond. There is also a café-restaurant.


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Cultural events in the open air
Destination(s): Luxembourg City

The Wenzel Circuit self-guided walking tour takes visitors through the 1,000-year history of Luxembourg City. It passes through the oldest parts of the capital, and its surviving fortifications, all of which have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. The tour takes in the Bock rock, the castle bridge and the panoramic path of the Corniche.

The Vauban Circuit is named after famous French engineer Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633-1707) who transformed the city of Luxembourg into one of the most powerful fortresses in Europe, earning it the name the "Gibraltar of the North". The Vauban Circuit is a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

During the Walk the Art tour, experienced guides show visitors works of art specially created for public spaces. Here you will not find monuments commemorating individuals or events, only works of art in the urban landscape.


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Destination(s): Minett

In the south of the country, the vast and free open-air museum of Fond-de-Gras takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the history of the steel industry in an almost authentic environment. In summer, the Train 1900 with its steam locomotive travels through the Minett region. A mining train and many other attractions make Fond-de-Gras a popular destination for day trips.


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City of images
Destination(s): Éislek

Clervaux, the city of images in the north of the country, is a visual treat. New images of artists are regularly installed in the area surrounding its castle, making it the perfect place for a stroll between the works of art.


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Gardens of Ansembourg Castle
Destination(s): Guttland

The gardens of Ansembourg Castle in the Guttland region are the ideal destination for dreamers. Stroll among the sculptures and trees, on the terraces or get lost in the maze, while enjoying a unique view of this Renaissance castle.


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