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A beauty to protect Nature & Geoparks

On the trails of unspoilt nature

Luxembourg offers a wide range of experiences in a small area, close to nature. Many of the most beautiful hiking and cycling trails lead through nature reserves or nature parks.

But the concept of nature parks goes much further. They are also there to provide visitors and locals with everything they need to know about the treasured landscape.

Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark
Destination(s): Mullerthal

The newest nature park is the Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark in the Mullerthal region in the east of the country. Its history began in a sea some 245 million years ago. Countless grains of sand and other particles were deposited and solidified into stone. The sea disappeared and rivers formed the rocky landscape that is so impressive today. Individual special places and rock formations come together for visitors to form an impressive whole.


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Naturpark Öewersauer
Destination(s): Éislek

The Naturpark Öewersauer, Luxembourg’s water region, lies in the northwest of the country, in the Éislek region. Its centrepiece is the dam lake, which serves both as a recreation area and as a drinking water reservoir. The Upper Sûre lake and its tributaries flow through the region, making it a paradise for flora and fauna, but also for sports and nature lovers.


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Naturpark Our
Destination(s): Éislek

The Naturpark Our is located in the Ardennes, in the north of Luxembourg, in the trinational region between Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. It is characterised by the vast high plateau and the narrow, dreamy valleys cut into the rock by the rivers Our, Clerve and their tributaries. Unique biotopes, important for a large number of plant and bird species, have been preserved in the marshes on the high plateau and in isolated places in the river valleys.

For the past 25 years, farmers in the nature park have been growing mustard, rape, sunflowers, flax, hemp, poppies and buckwheat on their own plots. These products are processed and sold here under the motto "from field to plate". Transparency, traceability and quality are the top priorities of the Ourdall farmers.



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Minett UNESCO Biosphere
Destination(s): Minett

Southern Luxembourg is characterised by its biodiversity. This is why it holds the Minett UNESCO Biosphere label. The region is part of a prestigious international network of more than 700 biosphere reserves in 124 countries. Flowering orchids and lush green meadows near the old mines, the reddish iron ore fields, the fascinating landscape of the Red Rocks: this is the Minett region. Nature reserves such as Ellergronn or the former open-cast mining area Prënzebierg – Giele Botter are great to discover on foot or by mountain bike.


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