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Beautiful leisure time outside
Destination(s): Minett

The Bettembourg Parc Merveilleux  is a leisure park for the whole family. There are superb play facilities, a restaurant, a magical retro fairy tale village, where generations of children have experienced their favourite fairy tales live. It is also a wildlife park, where more than 200 animal species from all five continents can be visited.


Minett Trail have its start and finish points in front of the park’s entrance. The place is also the perfect stop for an unusual overnight stay: in the small castle gate, an unusual Kabaischen hiking lodge has been created. Ideal for families, but guests without small children can also spend a wonderful night here. 


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Parc Le'h Adventures Dudelange
Destination(s): Minett

Parc Le'h Adventures Dudelange consists of over 100 different stations spread over seven trails with suspension bridges, zip lines, "monkeytrees", a bambini trail and a teambuilding trail.


Steinfort Adventure
Destination(s): Guttland

The Steinfort Adventure climbing course offers thrills and adrenaline at high altitudes. Climb through the trees, slide down ropes and experience the fun and action in the air.


Chairlift & Vianden castle
Destination(s): Éislek

In Vianden, the country's only chairlift also takes you to the high peaks. Not for skiing, but to Vianden Castle, today one of the most important architectural monuments in Europe. On the way there, you will enjoy a fantastic view, and much more once you reach the top. Whether you want to visit the castle or go for a hike: the chairlift is always the starting point for a great leisure experience in this Ardennes town.


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