Bus Parking Schiessentumpel waterfall

Where? CR 121, L-6245 Mullerthal

Coach parking at abut 500 m distance from the Schiessentümpel.

To discover the waterfall Schiessentumpel, there exists a large parking situated nearby. It is situated between the village of Mullerthal and the crossroads at the Breidweiler bridge on the street called CR121. The waterfall is situated just about 500 m away from the parking. You can walk along the road or take Route 3 from the Mullerthal Trail towards  Mullerthal.

Another way to get to the waterfall is to walk over local hiking trails (W6 & W7), from the "Heringer Millen Tourist Center" situated in the small village Mullerthal (approx. 1 km).


Address: Bus Parking Schiessentumpel waterfall
CR 121
L-6245 Mullerthal
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