Digitalisation and Data in Tourism
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Digitalisation and Data in Tourism


On Tuesday 3 October, an information and networking event organised by Luxembourg for Tourism presented the benefits of digital development in the tourism sector. Over fifty guests attended from the Ministry of Tourism, the regional and local tourist offices, communal administrations, and nature parks to gain insights into how much further it can go. 

An integrative and user-oriented digitization is one of the priorities of Luxembourg’s tourism strategy. Lex Delles’ (Minister for Tourism) introduction emphasised how important synergies among the tourism actors are in the digital field, in order to effectively promote the destination’s offer.

Sebastian Reddeker (CEO, LFT) gave an overview of Luxembourg for Tourism’s mission to promote Luxembourg as a tourist destination internationally and the many core activities that support this from market intelligence and image campaigns, to public relations and content production.

Sandy Rischette (Head of Digital & Data Management, LFT) presented the LFT’s Content & Service Platform. The imx.Platform acts as the central administration base for open and structured tourism data (open source) in Luxembourg and is intended to be used in an integrative and collaborative manner. The database is the heart of all national digital projects and can be connected to any distribution channel: websites, apps, digital info screens, chatbots, voice assistants… This relies on the cooperation of actors from the tourism sector, whose information then feeds these communication channels. 

The quality of the data is very important as it directly impacts the user experience. Without quality data input, you can’t have quality data output. The regional tourism offices (ORTs) and LFT work closely together to ensure the continued flow and quality of the data.

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Real-time data, operating states and movement data can also be integrated, which enable strategic decisions and visitor guidance. To showcase this in a more tangible way, Niche Guardian, a provider of digital public screens Made in Luxembourg demonstrated the possible functionalities.

All data can literally be at your fingertips. Participants were invited to put themselves in a tourist’s shoes and test out various touch screens during the networking, and see how a tourist’s experience can be optimised.

Don’t hesitate to contact our regional partners on how to collaborate or our digital team for any technical questions.