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Project "Landtourismus"

Rural tourism is a segment with a lot of potential in Luxembourg. In the context of the LEADER project „Landtourismus“ this potential has been analyzed in detail by means of a study on the economic power and the development potentials of rural tourism.

About the project: The interregional LEADER project "Landtourismus" brought together 5 LEADER groups (Miselerland, Regioun Mëllerdall, Éislek, Artert-Wark, Lëtzebuerg West) 4 Offices Régionaux du Tourisme (Moselle, Éislek, Müllerthal, Guttland), Luxembourg for Tourism and many other Luxemburgish stakeholders and organizations in the aim to develop the potential of rural tourism. Different project modules aimed at strengthening tourism in Luxembourg's rural regions.