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New “Challenges” game feature in the VisitLuxembourg app


Discover hidden highlights of the destination in a playful way

This summer, Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) offers an innovative addition to the VisitLuxembourg app. With the so-called "Challenges", users of the app can explore nature and culture in Luxembourg in a playful way. The principle is simple: you check in at interesting places and collect points. Anyone who completes the challenges can win attractive prizes.

Since it is particularly important in the high season to ensure that as many visitors to Luxembourg as possible are offered a high-quality holiday experience, the challenges also serve to direct the flow of visitors. Typically, many people concentrate on sightseeing highlights, but the destination of Luxembourg also has a lot to offer away from the main routes. Locals and visitors alike can get to know new corners of the country.

Some challenges have been integrated into cycling and hiking trails. Others are thematically oriented and combine corresponding sights. A ranking of the best participants in a challenge serves to encourage visitors to come back and complete more challenges.

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