Luxembourg. Live the moment.


New concept for the Visit Luxembourg campaign 2023

Even though many people nowadays have some idea of what Luxembourg is, they are not usually very precise. The aim of the Visit Luxembourg campaign 2023 "Luxembourg. Live the moment." is to show what potential visitors to Luxembourg can experience.

The campaign plays creatively with people's holiday expectations on the one hand and the ultimate experience in Luxembourg on the other. The themes in focus are nature and hiking, culture, city trip and culinary experiences.

"I came to get away, and found myself." People's longing for time out that offers real added value is great. The Visit Luxembourg campaign delivers catchy approaches that are relevant to everyday life: "We came for lunch, and stayed for dinner." Indirectly, it refers to one of the key value propositions of the destination and the brand: a moving, transformative travel experience, from small experiences to big moments.

In doing so, the concept ties in with the message of the Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) 2022 campaign "Luxembourg. Real. Close." campaign and brings it to a point. Because Luxembourg continues to offer many millions of potential guests in particular a close destination with new experiences within a geographical radius of approximately 300 kilometres around the Grand Duchy. In addition, the 2023 campaign takes into account the LFT content strategy: focusing on thematic interest groups (communities), digital consumption and media habits of people as well as the core narrative of the destination Luxembourg. The campaign was designed in six languages: German, French, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

"Luxembourg. Live the moment.” is compatible as a campaign with the travel behaviour and needs of our core target groups, the so-called Explorers, the brand values of Visit Luxembourg as well as the brand essence of the destination, "New Perspectives". LFT guarantees the coherent campaign playout across all channels. In addition, the inspiring stories of the Visit Luxembourg destination magazine Luci serve as the basis for the campaign content.

In the playout, LFT focuses on communication in the neighbouring countries of Germany, France and Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Switzerland. There are also campaigns in Italy and Spain.

Created in collaboration with lola strategy&design and a special thanks goes to our photographers whose images were selected for the campaign.

  • Alfonso Salgueiro – Fëschmaart Terraces Summer Evening, Trois Glands Sunset, Summer Night Capucins Luxembourg City
  • André Schösser – Mullerthal Trail
  • Tom Jutzler – Mullerthal Trail
  • Giulio Groebert – Mullerthal Trail
  • Travel Reasons – Ansembourg Castle
  • David Gisha – End of Season Party, Philharmonie Luxembourg