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Luxembourg tourism lauded by the press

The sector, its activities, and its actors continue to receive extensive media coverage in magazines, newspapers, and radio broadcasts all around the country.

While the national press has widely covered recent initiatives such as Vëlosummer 2022 and Vakanz Genéissen, some media outlets have shown a particularly keen interest in the Luxembourg tourism ecosystem.

The latest issue of Merkur has even given the topic prime coverage, dedicating 14 pages to looking at the efforts made in recent years - despite the severe weather and the pandemic - by its key players to professionalise the sector, increase its attractiveness, and make the country “a world-class tourist destination,” according to author Hannah Ekberg.

Interviewed by the corporate magazine of the Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Rischette (Head of Digital Management of LFT) has reviewed the digital technologies and applications used by LFT, in accordance with the digital strategy of the General Directorate for Tourism.

“Enormous potential and great inventiveness”

Launched in July 2021, as of June 2022, the VisitLuxembourg app had already been downloaded 42,000 times. LFT is now working on a B2B platform which will offer professional content, notably that which includes dedicated training and innovative and fun augmented reality features. 

In a six-page interview, Sebastian Reddeker (CEO of LFT) describes, among other things, the key promotional missions of Luxembourg for Tourism, and he lists off some of the greatest assets and treasures of Luxembourg tourism. “Luxembourg as a destination has enormous potential, and there are still plenty of things to dream up,” he insisted. “But above all, Luxembourg must continue to improve the quality of its offer.”

Finally, Merkur has dedicated its “Success Story” section to Château d’Urspelt and Camping Auf Kengert (Medernach/Larochette). 

Sustainability as a tourism strategy

Talking with Delano, Sebastian Reddeker confirmed that sustainability is part of the country's tourism strategy: "Tourism is an economic sector, so we need to look at how we can change the business model so that we can still promote the beauty of our destinations 20 years from now while being able to earn a living from it,” he explained. "It's not easy, to be honest. The topic of sustainability in Luxembourg is part of our tourism strategy, but applying it to real life is certainly the most difficult part.”

Even if the Director of LFT does not expect a full recovery before 2025, he sees it coming faster than expected. “The first months of 2022 indicate that we will have a relatively strong summer,” he said. “Right now, we have a growth of 2-3 percent each week in terms of the number of searches but also in reservation requests, which is a good sign for July and August.”

“The image of the country is changing”

In a more personal and informal interview with L’Essentiel Radio, Sebastian Reddeker indicated that abroad, the image of the country is in the process of changing. “The clichés of the country represent only 6 percent of survey results conducted by Luxembourg for Tourism. Luxembourgers are positively viewed,” he said.

Even if he sees “a potential of 13 million Germans who imagine themselves coming to Luxembourg one day,” he also explains that 10 to 15 percent of tourists who choose the Grand Duchy combine their visit with destinations a little further away, such as Paris. This segment of visitors is mainly Asian and American.