Press conference Bilan 2022
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Luxembourg tourism enjoying strong growth

The 2022 season saw a dynamic, positive rebound thanks to the creativity and authenticity of the tourism sector.

On October 3, Minister of Tourism Lex Delles presented the results of the 2022 tourism season.

After a recovery in 2021, the sector is once again recording strong growth, a positive trend that largely surpassed the 2021 figures and put the level of activity nearly back at that seen before the crisis.

In 2022, the number of overnight stays was actually more than double than in 2021, with a 53 percent increase, but it was still below the 2019 figures, the year before the pandemic, according to the preliminary data from Statec.

During the first seven months of 2022, the number of overnight hotel stays saw an increase of 44 percent compared to 2021, although it was still 12 percent less than in 2019. Similarly, overnight stays in campsites went up by 54 percent but remained 1.5 percent lower than in 2019.

For their part, youth hostels enjoyed a rise of 139 percent in comparison with 2021, a figure that nevertheless was 17 percent below that of 2019.

According to Luxembourg for Tourism, “hotels estimate to have had an occupancy rate of 66 percent in August 2022 (versus 44 percent in 2021). During the same period, campsites estimate to have had an occupancy date of 83 percent (versus 60 percent in 2021).”

A very good summer report

Residential clientele also came out in favor of paid lodging in the country, with a substantial increase in the number of overnight stays, 201,793 in 2022 as opposed to 163,726 in 2021.

“The first reports coming in from players in the tourism sector provide a glimpse of very good numbers from the summer season, and this highlights that interest in Luxembourg as a tourism destination has not stopped growing, especially with residents,” exclaimed Les Delles. “This development is especially important for businesses in the tourism sector. After having been greatly affected by the Covid-19 crisis, they have shown great perseverance and an innovative spirit.  It must be said the Grand Duchy has succeeded in keeping and even strengthening its attractiveness for tourism.”

The Minister of Tourism has also emphasized that “the tourism sector has proved its creativity and  authenticity,” notably thanks to its campaign “Lëtzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz.”

Afterwards, he returned to the new tourism strategy: “In the future, it will be more a part of the promotion and development of the Luxembourgish tourism destination. The existing tourism activities will be better still more adapted to current needs, in particular in active, gastronomic, and cultural tourism,” he explained.

“The ecological, economic, social, and cultural aspects will also be taken into account in the tourism offer in order to improve the quality of life of tourists, residents, and cross-border workers alike.”