German travel writers in Luxembourg
© LFT/Vanessa Migone

German travel writers convene in Luxembourg

From September 29 to October 2, the German Association for Travel Writers held their annual general assembly in the Grand Duchy, at the initiative of Luxembourg for Tourism. In addition, LFT’s Media, Press, and PR departments also organized a welcome for them, as well as their accommodation.

The German Association for Travel Writers (Vereinigung deutscher Reisejournalisten, shortened to VdRJ) chose Luxembourg for their annual general assembly. The opportunity to discover the destination took place during a visit from September 29 to October 2. On September 30, some 50 journalists and communication professionals gathered at Mudam for the yearly meeting.

The Media, Press, and PR departments of Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) had for their part organized the visitors’ reception and accommodation in the Grand Duchy. Tourism Minister Lex Delles came to meet with journalists.

© LFT/Vanessa Migone

Sebastian Reddeker, CEO of LFT, presented Luxembourg as a destination, emphasizing the country’s European spirit: “Multilingual and multicultural, the Grand Duchy is the cradle of modern Europe. This history began with the Treaty of Rome in 1957,” he recalled. “Today, in the second smallest country in the EU, you can observe, feel, and experience in a vibrant, real way how the integration of so many nations and nationalities, living in one place, enriches the country culturally and socially.”

On Saturday, October 1, after giving the visitors a taste of the natural, economic, historical, industrial, and gastronomic diversity of the country, the capital, and its five regions, LFT presented them with three themed trips to choose from.

The first, in Luxembourg City and the Minett region, allowed the participants to immerse themselves in urban transformation, in a remix style that blends the spirit of enterprise driven by innovation, an industrial past, and openness to modernity.

The second gave the chance to visit the Moselle region with its calm, valley-lined vineyards, its authentic villages, alive in the middle of harvest season, and it also included a stop in Schengen, where the idea of a borderless Europe was born.

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