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Industrial heritage in the land of the red rocks

Three-day tour for individual travellers and groups

DAY 1: Minett Park Fond-de-Gras
Destination(s): Minett


Arrive at the Fond de Gras, located in the Minett Region

The Minett Park Fond-de-Gras is a small valley with numerous galleries. Today, it's an open-air museum. Historic buildings, technical infrastructures and numerous information panels tell you all about the industrial activities that have marked Luxembourg's history since the late 19th century.

Our tip:

Take a tour with Minièresbunn Doihl e.V. operates a 700 mm narrow-gauge mining railroad.

Open from may until september on sundays and public holidays.


A 2.5-hour hike on the Prënzebierg - Giele Botter discovery trail.  The 7.5 km trail takes you through an open-cast mining area. At the time of ore extraction, today's nature reserve was bare and the predominant color was red. Today, the former mining area is once again filled with dense forests and ponds, providing a unique habitat for countless species.

Departure of the hike: Cemetary Pétange, rue Prinzenberg, L-4773 Pétange.


Overnight in hotels or unique accomodations in the Minett Region

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DAY 2: Explore the blast furnaces and the national mining museum

Mines, blast furnaces, and abandoned industrial buildings tell the story of a turbulent past in which everyday life was often far from being a bed of roses. 

With its blast furnaces, two steel colossi that have been restored and transformed into cultural and tourist sites, its Belval district has since become a university hub and a world-renowned scientific and technological centre.


Our tip:

Lunch in a restaurant in Belval, the city of Science


Continue to Rumelange

Lunch at the Brasserie du Musée in Rumelange where you can taste the original "Gamelle de mineurs" (Miners' bowl)


Our tip:

Guided tour of the National Mining Museum 

At the National Mining Museum, you’ll learn all about how mining worked and discover more than a century of technological development through its a large collection, most of which is displayed in underground galleries. The tours of the mine are always for groups, escorted by a museum guide.


Overnight in hotels or unique places in the Minett Region

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DAY 3: Explore the Museum of the Cockerill Mine and the Nature reserve Ellergronn

The mine Cockerill d’Esch-sur-Alzette played a major role in Luxembourg’s economic boom. This mine is known as a unique mine endued with a colliery, and the extraction was largely made by galleries. The Cockerill Mine is one of those beautiful stories we love to tell. After many decades of operation, the old Katzenberg mine was closed and fell into ruins—but it was not forgotten! Following extensive renovations and improvements, the Katzenberg mine is once again a site to discover.


Our tip:

Hike in the nature reserve Ellegronn on the didactic trail "Natura 2000" 

Divided into three different loops, each with its own theme, the Natura 2000 trail is the perfect opportunity to take a break from the buzzing city and enjoy the various paths through calm nature.


End of program.

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