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Successful online summer campaign

How LFT supports accommodation providers agilely

Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) has permanently and agilely adapted Visit Luxembourg’s digital brand communication in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The latest visitor statistics for LFT’s websites confirm that the communication campaign launched to boost the Government’s recovery plan is bearing fruit. is an inspiring website that gives users a multitude of tips for what to do in Luxembourg. The site was initially “only” intended to promote the €50 hotel vouchers that the Government sent to residents and cross-border workers in the summer. gives you lots of ideas about things to do near the hotels in which the vouchers can be used. As at the beginning of November, over 67,500 vouchers had been redeemed so far and a lot of travellers used the tips to plan their trips.

Additionally, the General Directorate of Tourism tasked LFT with designing and coordinating a summer campaign with the title “Lëtzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz!”. This communication campaign brought to the fore the enjoyment value of holidaying in Luxembourg, with a particular focus on the country’s hotel industry.

Inspiring content

The campaign was a resounding success: Visit Luxembourg has recorded almost 893,180 unique visits to since it went online at the start of July. (until 1st November)

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While Luxembourg residents make up 22% of the visitor count, Belgian and French residents (with 40% of the latter coming from the Grand-Est, but also 30% from Île-de-France) head the list of page visits from abroad, each registering a quarter of the total. This shows that there is a major interest among the neighbouring countries in Luxembourg as a travel destination, despite the current coronavirus situation and the travel restrictions brought in by some countries. Moreover, it shows that Luxembourg’s own residents are very interested in what the country has to offer in terms of staycation options.

In addition, LFT launched the „“ website in April 2020. Both on this site and in the print magazine Luci, users can find inspiring and moving stories about visiting places and meeting people in Luxembourg. The stories are adorned with large-format illustrations and videos, which add some atmosphere to these Luci articles. “With, we started early in our quest to inspire users and create a foundation for permanent digital discussion,” explains Dr Sebastian Reddeker, CEO of LFT.

People still interested in travel

The website saw a 9.68% increase in individual visits – a clear signal that interest in travelling and travel destinations is unwavering among target groups and markets (1st January to 1st November). In the summer months (July to September), the number of individual visits soared by 64.55%. This is a reflection of the success of the advertising efforts, which included a treasure hunt, photo contest and the “Vëlosummer” initiative as part of the summer campaign. However, it shows above all that users appreciate the quality of the information provided across the various communication channels.

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