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Digital strategy A one-stop web portal for the entire destination

By taking charge of the project management, development and management of digital projects while supporting its partners in their own digital strategies, Luxembourg for Tourism is now positioning itself more than ever as a technological hub for the Luxembourg tourism industry.

Luxembourg for Tourism’s (LFT) digital strategy is gaining momentum with the launch of a national platform dedicated to all stakeholders in the sector.

The new web pages are more user-friendly, intuitive and ergonomic, offering visitors complete, detailed and relevant information on tourist activities and accommodation options.

The website is intended to function as a one-stop-shop for tourism, bringing together all its regional partners’ websites over time.

“The platform was designed to optimise systems, processes, services and information flows, creating smoother navigation routes. Visitors looking for ideas for accommodation or leisure activities will have their web searches routed directly to the websites of relevant local tourism operators. Customers will receive the information they are looking for directly, while tourism professionals will enjoy improved visibility. The objective is to offer visitors the right information at the right time,” said Sandy Rischette, Head of Digital Management at LFT.

A win-win solution: both for visitors, who will enjoy a harmonious customer experience when travelling, and for the sector’s key players, who will be able to refocus on their core business: hospitality and service, which make Luxembourg a destination of choice.

For 2022, Luxembourg for Tourism plans to launch new digital projects, including a B2B platform.

“In a highly competitive world, we are driving digital change for tourism in Luxembourg, connecting the destination and creating new opportunities and leveraging the best of the latest technologies for visitors and our partners,” said Dr. Sebastian Reddeker.


Sandy Rischette

Head of Digital Management