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Luxembourg, a destination of choice

According to a recent TNS ILRES survey commissioned by LFT, 91% of residents are happy with the Grand Duchy and appreciate foreign tourists and 72% support tourism in the Grand Duchy.

LFT recently published the results of a TNS ILRES survey on Luxembourg residents’ opinions regarding Luxembourg as a travel destination.

A previous study was conducted on this topic in 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The aim of the new study in 2022 was to find out whether the health crisis had changed the perception of tourism and in particular its impact on the quality of life in Luxembourg. It also aimed to find out people's impressions of the country's tourism offer and their attitudes towards national tourism and its impact - especially in relation to the economy and the environment.

The survey was conducted online from 24 January to 7 February 2022, with a sample of 1,002 people aged 16 years and older.

While 93% of respondents indicate that Luxembourg is very well-suited for excursions of 1 to 3 nights at most, fewer - especially those aged 16-34 - recommend Luxembourg as a destination for a longer holiday.

72% of the residents surveyed say they are familiar with Luxembourg’s main attractions, and 78% feel proud of the tourist offer. The main tourism assets cited are nature, landscapes, hiking opportunities, as well as architectural and historical heritage.

A large majority also feel that multilingualism, tourism diversity in a small territory, the cultural mix and easy access by public transport are the main assets of Luxembourg as a tourist destination.

In addition, most residents believe that tourism should be supported and that the health measures taken were sufficient. During the Corona crisis, 61% of the respondents realised that tourism is important for the country’s economy.

For Alain Krier, the results are generally very satisfactory, if not better than the expectations and perceptions recorded two years ago: “The survey shows that residents maintain a very positive perception of the quality of life in Luxembourg. A large percentage remain active promoters of the destination,” says the Head of Research & Media Management at LFT.

Tourism is beneficial

An increasing number of residents regret that there are not yet more tourists in Luxembourg. 72% of them support tourism in Luxembourg and would like to see it gain even greater importance.

Half of the respondents also want a more environmentally friendly and responsible tourism offer, and would like to see visits distributed more evenly across the territory, rather than concentrated in a few specific locations.

For three quarters of the respondents, tourism benefits the image of the country abroad (79%), its economy (75%) and the preservation of its historical heritage (73%).

However, 48% feel disturbed by the volume of traffic and the parking situation around tourist sites. 72% of respondents believe that tourism helps to preserve local identities, but 48% also think that tourism standardises the offer to a certain extent (less diverse restaurants and shops).

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