Luci Grand Tour
© Pancake! Photographie

Luci GrandTour: freedom on four wheels

With the Luci special ‘GrandTour’, LFT has launched another publication on the market, this time aimed at fans of classic and vintage cars. The magazine presents inspiring road trips comprising six tours and six different experiences as well as fascinating people, exciting stories and of course, beautiful cars.

The stories are supplemented with practical tips and attractions that can be found along the way, open to anyone who has a desire to explore Luxembourg by road.

Luxembourg has a lot to offer the small but remarkable niche segment that is classic car tourism and its discerning clientele. With the Luci special GrandTour, LFT brings this product line with potential to life.

GrandTour joins the ranks of multi award-winning Luci magazines and comprises authentic and varied stories from around Luxembourg.

The magazine is available in German, English, French and Luxembourgish and can either be browsed online or ordered in print for free from the web shop: