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LFT launches awareness campaign in Germany

A radio spot and video clip are currently being broadcast on the airwaves and shown in the cinemas of three "Länder", for an audience of 25 million potential listeners and viewers.

Luxembourg for Tourism recently launched a promotional campaign in Germany for Luxembourg as a destination.

Since 28 April, a 30-second radio spot has been broadcast three times a day on stations HR3, WDR2 and SWR3 (approximately 12 million potential listeners), in Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, three target areas identified as priorities.

A video advertisement is also being shown in 106 cinemas frequented by families, in addition to multiplex, art house and luxury cinemas (a total of 230 screens) in these three states.

The six-week, extendable operation is expected to reach a cumulative media audience of some 25 million people.