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Visit Luxembourg joins the ETC Story Network

Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) is among the first Destination Management Organisations to join the Story Network of the European Travel Commission (ETC): authentic mobile-first content that connects audiences to bookings.

Content creation has boomed this past year at LFT, not only in new materials in known formats (Luci travel magazine, 100thingstodo experiences…) but in terms of taking the Story format to the next level. At the same time, ETC has teamed up with a digital communication tool, CrowdRiff, to create a Story creation platform.

The aim? Enabling selected DMOs to create compelling content for travel stories to fit into the European promotion network which will be distributed across the web and shared on social media.

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Moreover, Stories are indexed by Google and uniquely highlighted in search results. The lightning-fast page speed and mobile-optimized experience result in strong research ranking.

You can view the first stories from various DMOs on the Visit Europe homepage "Experience Europe through our stories" gallery, a tool also powered by CrowdRiff.

Being real: sharing authentic impressions

LFT began using CrowdRiff with its new social media strategy in 2019. In a first phase, by integrating user generated content (UGC) into its own Instagram and Facebook channels, and to enrich the Visit Luxembourg website, via embedded photo galleries.

"This type of content is resolutely authentic because it is produced by the users themselves. These people – both visitors and locals – are in many ways the best ambassadors of our destination. The multiplier effect in terms of sharing allows for unlimited possibilities and also connects us better with our online community," explains Sarah Pitt, Social Media Manager at LFT.

Today, LFT uses UGC in all its communication tools, from print and online press to digital campaigns, events and contests .

Do you have questions about CrowdRiff and Social Media communication at LFT? Contact Sarah