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Luci wins the Red Dot Award

Luxembourg for Tourism’s (LFT) travel magazine Luci – Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg has won the Red Dot Award in the Publishing & Print Media category. This is recognition for the design and shows that both the concept and the magazine hit home among LFT’s target groups.

“This renowned award is an international benchmark in the world of design and communications. Being awarded the Red Dot is recognition for the work that we put in to reach and inspire a specific clientele – people looking for authentic experiences and relaxing moments, especially in the backdrop of the current crisis,” says Dr Sebastian Reddeker, CEO of LFT.

The Luci travel magazine aims to bring its readers closer to the country in an inspiring and moving way. “Luci is part of LFT’s new content strategy, and a component of an ambitious value proposition. We collaborated with talented writers and photographers, who conveyed to us their personal impressions of the places and the people who live there. In doing so, we tapped into Luxembourg’s narrative and creative potential as a travel destination,” says the Editor-in-Chief of Luci.

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“To follow the magazine’s editorial path in a coherent manner, we came up with a timeless design enriched with eye-catching and emotionally charged images and stories from the heart,” explains Guido Kröger, Creative Director of Luci.

The magazine is a hit with people

Rave reviews, including on social networks, bear witness to this:

“Today I received Luci. What a fantastic magazine! Beautiful pictures and so nice to read the stories/articles. I’ll keep this and when we’re having visitors over from Holland, I’ll show it to them. It’s a great start for them to make a plan to discover Lux. Thank you very much for the Luci!” (Maaike, Netherlands)

“The magazine looks great, and even my ten-year-old son Ole is interested in it. He absolutely loved the story about the bees.” (Karen, Germany)

"Hi, I received my print edition of Luci on Monday and I just wanted to say that it's superb. Great photos, inspiring stories. Thank you, Tim." (Timothy, Luxemburg)

“Luci arrived yesterday and has already brightened the start to today. Full of wanderlust, yearning and musings about your beautiful and varied country. I really hope I can visit again soon.” (@laureliusde, Germany)

Luci – Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg was printed in a batch of 177,000 copies in Luxembourgish, German, French and English. 7,300 copies alone were ordered online. Over 52,500 copies have already been distributed by various means in all the available languages.

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