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Active public relations in Covid times

TF1, ARTE, Sat.1… big media in little Luxembourg

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, the Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT) press team has been actively working with representatives of major media outlets to get to know the country up close, often from surprising perspectives.

What makes Luxembourg so special? What can you discover here, and which people and places make Luxembourg such a great place to visit? Foreign media – from hiking magazines to travel and culture programmes on the radio and television – can find this out first hand by going on the road with the LFT press team and stakeholders in the tourism industry. Did you assume we were on a Covid-enforced break? Quite the contrary: the press team has been hard at work ensuring that international media continue to talk about Luxembourg as a tourist destination.

A camera crew from German broadcaster Sat.1 spent nearly ten days in Luxembourg for their programme "Grenzenlos" ("Borderless"), where they met star chef René Mathieu, renowned architect François Valentiny, young viniculturist Marie Kox, and many more. Author and director Attila Teri visited the eclectic capital city and the beautifully green surrounding regions, got acquainted with the dynamic flair of Esch-Belval, and toured the Moselle vineyards (expected broadcast date: 8 December).

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French author and director Juliette Tissot from the programme "Stadt Land Kunst" ("Town Country Art") on cultural broadcaster ARTE was out and about in Luxembourg with architect Arnaud de Meyer and historian Denis Scuto (broadcast date not yet known).

Luxembourg also featured on the German version of ARTE: documentary film-maker Susanne Utzt visited the country as part of a series on Europe’s smallest nations. She broached the important topics of sustainability and conservation on visits to a viniculturist, a beekeeper and the Upper Sûre and Mullerthal Natural Parks. The film will probably be broadcast in the first half of 2021.

French broadcaster TF1 came to Luxembourg in October for a travel report that will show how varied and beautiful Luxembourg is, from nature reserves to the Grand-Ducal Palace. TF1 journalist Yann Hovine raved about the Mullerthal: "Its autumn colours, cliffs and waterfalls, plus the easy-going lifestyle ... unforgettable! We’ll show you all that and much more on a Saturday midday programme." (Expected broadcast date: 14 November).

Better stories

LFT invited 240 journalists and influencers on press trips in 2019, less than half of whom were in groups. Since then, things have changed: the press team now concentrates exclusively on individual media support. On the one hand, this builds trust, and on the other hand, it brings clear added value: the stories are simply better. That is one of the core values of our communication, and we can build lasting relationships with the journalists.

The journey goes further, while traditional media can, of course, still be a source of inspiration. In any case, interest in Luxembourg is unwavering, according to studies and the team’s observations. Even if journalists can’t always travel at the drop of a hat at this time, it is but a pleasure deferred.